Wood Carving Collection


Ridong Chairman has been a long term collector of rare wooded sculptures, covering many themes from ornate furniture to colossal animals, from mythical creatures to the telling of stories in continuous sculptures carved out of a single piece of timber, often 10-12 meters long.

Famous folkloric stories such as “The Riverside”, ”The Great Wall”, the ”Zodiac”, the ”Eighteen Rohans”, ”Journey to the West”, ”Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, ”Dream of Red Mansions” and “Outlaws of the Marsh “ feature throughout the collection

This truly unique collection is destined to be showcased in an equally unique, purpose designed museum in Mr Li’s home city of Zhuhai covering.

A vast array of timber and wood carving techniques are represented from around the world reflecting the the high art of working with each particular piece of timber and its respective grain to reveal each unique sculpture.

Type of timber include gold phoebe, phoebe, camphor, gold camphor, acerbity wood, flower pear wood, yew, teak, cedar, colourful snow fir and boxwood.

Some pieces have been carved from focilised timber thousands of years old.